Welcome to Ruinhollow.

An ancient maze, of colossal proportions was brought to life decades ago by the brilliant but megalomaniac Baron Sasquamit, ruler of the ancient city of Fang. The ruin of hundreds of adventurers over the years who tried to overcome its dangers for the promise of endless treasure, it brought nothing but prosperity, renown and riches to the bustling trade city. 

But the Baron did not account for the resourcefulness of a certain group of five adventurers, aided by one he thought was his ally. They overcame the maze, and as a reward undid the divine pact that created it, bringing the Second Rift in their wake. Terror and ruin befell the world, and only a sprinkling of survivors managed to flee to the high mountains, or cower under the undying magic of the Great Barrier that the Baron created with his dying breath. 

The maze itself was thought to have been lost, destroyed by the powerful magic of the Rift, swept under the feet of the demon armies that followed. Three years ago it was rediscovered, as part of a mysterious prophecy that told of days of renewed prosperity and peace. 

"In Ruinhollow reaches, two lovers rest, their hearts entwined, still beating.

The champions who, their hope unquenched, uncover them, redeem us".

The maze is calling again, and swallowing heroes once more in its maw, only this time it is not just for fame or riches, or at the caprices of a powerful Baron. It is also for the fate of the world.

Ruinhollow calls you… will you survive its challenge?

Ruinhollow Reaches