Character Creation

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Choose a class (Barbarian, Bard, Cleric, Druid, Fighter, Immolator, Paladin, Ranger, Thief, Wizard). 

Character sheets can be found here (pdf) or here (Google Sheets).


Choose a race from your class's race options. There are Additional Race Moves if you'd like to play a Dwarf Thief, for instance. 


Choose your name from the list in the character sheet, or make a name of your own. Just please, pick a fantasy setting appropriate name – no Bob the Barbarian.

Choose Look and Build Description

Choose one item from each list, and flesh it out with your character's description. Write it down, since you may have to introduce yourself to several characters over time.

Assign Stats

Assign these scores to your stats: 16( +2), 15( +1), 13( +1), 12( –), 9(–), 8(-1) 

Start by looking over the basic moves and the starting moves for your class. Pick out the move that interests you the most: something you’ll be doing a lot, or something that you excel at. Put a 16 in the stat for that move. Look over the list again and pick out the next most important move to your character, maybe something that supports your first choice. Put your 15 in the stat for that move. Repeat this process for your remaining scores: 13, 12, 9, 8.

Write Down Modifiers

Write down the modifier for each stat.

Score Modifier
1–3 -3
4–5 -2
6–8 -1
9–12 0
13–15 +1
16–17 +2
18 +3


Set Maximum HP

Your maximum HP is  equal to your class’s base HP+Constitution score (not your Constitution Modifier) . So if I am a Fighter with a Constitution of 13, my maximum HP is 23, not 11. You start with your maximum HP.

Choose Starting Moves

Each character sheet lists the class's starting moves. Some classes, like the fighter, have choices to make as part of one of their moves. Make these choices now. The wizard will need to choose spells for their spellbook. Both the cleric and the wizard will need to choose which spells they have prepared to start with.

Choose Alignment

Your alignment is a few words that describe your character’s moral outlook. Apart from the alignment options listed in the character sheets, here are some Additional Alignment Options, just in case you really feel like playing a chaotic Paladin. Choose your alignment—in play, it’ll give your character certain actions that can earn you additional XP.

Choose Gear

Each class has choices to make for starting gear. Keep your load in mind—it limits how much you can easily carry. Make sure to total up your armor and note it on your character sheet.

Choose Flags

Choose two Flags for your character, unless you are a Bard, in which case you choose three Flags. They will replace bonds, since the characters can and will switch around all the time. 

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Character Creation

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